Ministries & Organizations


The priests and the parish staff are available at the Parish Rectory to assist and serve you. The rectory should be contacted for arranging baptisms, funerals, weddings, and Masses to be offered for specific persons or intentions. Priests may be contacted for consultation or counseling on problems of a personal nature or for the reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

When practical, it is advisable to telephone for an appointment for any of these services. If a parishioner is admitted to a hospital or is confined at home with illness, the rectory should be contacted so that the sick or confined person might be properly ministered to by the parish staff. In the event of a serious accident, sudden serious illness or death, the priest may be summoned at any time of the day or night by calling the rectory.

Adult Choir

Our Parish Adult Choir provides the Music Ministry for the 11:30 AM Sunday Mass. Once a month, we sing for the 5:00 PM Saturday evening vigil Mass. The Choir rehearses each Thursday evening at 7:30 PM in the Green Room.  It is not necessary to have a trained voice to sing in our choir.  Vocal instruction is provided by our music director.  The ability to read music is helpful but not required.  For more information, please contact Mr. Russell Ferreira @ (650)588-7493.

Altar Servers

Grammar school age parishioners serve weekday and weekend Masses as well as Funerals and Weddings. Our Parochial Vicars train altar servers.

Baptismal Catechesis

On the third Wednesday of every month there is an informational meeting for parents and sponsors of those who are going to be baptized. This is a requirement for those having baptisms at St. Cecilia.

Bible Studies & Prayer Groups

St. Martha Prayer Group, St. Peter's Prayer Group, Chinese Bible Sharing, Centering Prayer Group, and Adult Faith Formation. For more information on these groups please call the Collins Center at 415-664-8481.

Chinese Bible Sharing Group

The Chinese Bible Sharing Group meets to share how our experiences related to Bible passages, pray for the needy and take part in community services. The Chinese Bible Sharing Group meets the last Thursday of each month at St. Cecilia and welcome parishioners to share their life experiences in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Chinese Ministry

The Chinese Ministry goal is to foster friendship among the Chinese in our parish and to serve their needs in various ways. The programs available are Chinese RCIA classes, Bible Sharing group, prayer meetings, and Chinese language classes for school children.

Children’s Faith Formation Program (CFF)

Our CFF provides religious education for our children who attend public or non-Catholic private schools or are home schooled. Classes are held on Sunday mornings.  Sacramental Preparation classes for First Penance (Reconciliation), First Eucharist (Holy Communion) and Confirmation are available through CFF.  Click here for more information

Collins Center

The Monsignor Harold T. Collins Center is located at 2560 18th Avenue next to the former convent. The Collins Center is the hub of a number of social, educational, and recreational activities especially for seniors but all are welcome. All are welcome to drop in to read the many magazines and periodicals, or simply to visit other parishioners over a cup of coffee.

Confirmation Program

This parish program brings together candidates from our school and CFF at monthly meetings.  There is a weekend retreat in January at the CYO Camp in Occidental. Youth Ministers who attend local high schools and are parishioners of Saint Cecilia's accompany and lead the students on their faith journey.  Click here for more information

CYO Athletics

St. Cecilia parish has an athletic program for boys and girls which includes the following sports: basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer and track. We have over 325 participants. We have over 100 coaches.

Saint Cecilia Parish Athletic Program Guidebook (Revised August 2014)

Click HERE to view guidebook.
Click HERE to view participation letter to parents.
Click HERE to view St. Cecilia sports overview, participation rules and forms.

Eucharistic Ministers

A group of parishioners who are commissioned to distribute the Holy Eucharist. They also assist with the distribution of the Eucharist during the Sacred Liturgy.


The Saint Cecilia Parish Festival is held every year during the month of October with a special theme. We have booths, games, auction items, prizes, food, and fun for all! The festival makes a vital contribution to St. Cecilia School, and all the proceeds go directly to benefit our school and parish children. The festival committee continues to seek volunteers to make this event a huge success.

Filipino Group

The is group Filipino parishioners who meet to support their culture, while helping them to integrate into our Parish family. This group sponsor the annual Santo Nino Novena, which is held in December

Finance Council

This is a group of parishioners who meet monthly to examine the parish budget and monitor income and expenditures. They prepare the annual report which is mailed to all parishioners.


The Flowers Ministry meets every Friday to help beautify the church sanctuary and Our Lady’s Chapel throughout the year during special occasions such as weddings. Training is provided.

Funeral Ministry

         The Funeral Sacristan assists the priest in his duties at the Funeral Mass and gives comfort to the
         grieving family as needed. The Funeral Sacristan needs to be available 40 minutes prior to the Mass
         to set up the church for the Funeral Mass and remain 30 minutes after the service to perform any
         clean-up duties. They will also give directions and guidance to the Altar Servers before and during
         the service. A Funeral Mass is celebrated with a few days’ notice of the service and usually in the
         morning hours.

         Anyone who has the time or inclination to help with funerals at our church should apply at the
         Rectory. Training is available.  If interested contact: Rita Mazzei thru the Rectory 415-664-8481

Greeters at Mass

The role of a “greeter” is to offer welcome to churchgoers in a spirit of hospitality and fellowship as they arrive for Mass. Greeters are stationed at all four entrance doors. A greeter can be an individual or members of a family. Greeters sign up for a specific date and Mass that they will fulfill this welcoming role.

High School Youth Group

All high school-age youth are invited to participate in the life of our parish. You can be a member of the Confirmation Team be a Reader or Eucharistic Minister; help to coach CYO athletics or join parish organizations and ministries.

Indonesian Prayer Group

Members of the Indonesian faith community come together monthly to pray and celebrate their Roman Catholic faith. All parishioners are invited.

Italian Catholic Federation (ICF)

The local branch of this large statewide organization meets in St. Cecilia’s Parish. Branch No. 365 is composed of members from a number of parishes in our neighborhood. ICF sponsors a number of social events and supports religious and charitable causes.

Knights of St. Cecilia

A group of men and women who are committed to the care of our Church. Each Knight is present for one hour in the Church from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. once a week, Monday through Saturday. Because of their presence, the Church is always open to those who wish to visit and pray. The Knights meet once a month.

League of the Sacred Heart

A women’s group whose primary purpose is to provide the supplies for parish liturgical services and to care for the altar and its appointments. In addition, the ladies of the League provide a number of programs for the mutual support of their members and annually sponsor a number of social events.

Legion of Mary

This organization places strong emphasis on the spiritual development of its members, especially through special devotion to Mary. They bring Holy Communion to those who are confined at home or are in convalescent facilities. Meetings are every Wednesday at 7:30 pm in the Serra Room.

Bible Studies & Prayer Groups

St. Martha Prayer Group, St. Peter's Prayer Group, Chinese Bible Sharing, Center Prayer Group, and Adult Faith Formation. For more information on these groups please call the Collins Center at 415-664-8481.


A group of parishioners who are commissioned to proclaim the Scripture at weekday and Sunday Masses. They participate in the Archdiocesan training program.

Marriage Preparation

Engaged couples are welcome to participate in our marriage preparation program. The program is coordinated by the priest who will witness the sacrament and involves attending an Archdiocesan program.

Men of St. Cecilia (MOSC)

This organization (MOSC) is for all the men of the parish. The goal is to bring the men together socially and to serve our parish and school. All fathers with children enrolled at Saint Cecilia School are required to join the MOSC and pay the associated annual dues which will support MOSC activities for the Parish. Each member of the MOSC (with enrolled students) must fulfill four hours of service to the community within the school year.

Mothers' Club

This organization is made up of mothers whose children attend or have attended St. Cecilia’s School. The mothers are given the opportunity to develop friendships and to provide mutual support through the spiritual, educational, and social activities which are offered. The Mothers’ Club also organizes volunteer assistance for our parish school and sponsors fundraising events.

Parish Green Team

Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si, encourages respect for our common home and looking out for all of God’s people. The purpose of our parish green team is to begin the “greening” of all aspects of the parish as well as to develop ways that parishioners can implement Laudato Si in their own home environment.

Pastoral Council

This is a group of parishioners who come together monthly to advise the Pastor on how to better respond to the needs of the parishioners. They seek a shared vision as they look at the signs of the times in the light of the Gospel message. Council members serve for three years.


This group meets on the last Friday of every month at 7:30 PM. There are 2 speakers and time for sharing on the topic.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA)

RCIA is a journey in faith. It is a process of conversion and learning more about the Catholic Church. It is meant especially for adults who are interested in becoming Catholic, or just learning about the Catholic Church. It can bring us closer to our God and brother, Jesus Christ, and our Roman Catholic faith community.

St. Cecilia Parish School

One of the important responsibilities of our Parish is the education and religious formation of our children. Under the leadership of the Sisters of the Holy Names, a staff of 53 provides a Catholic education for approximately 600 students from Kindergarten to the 8th Grade. Click here to go to the St. Cecilia School website.

Saint Vincent DePaul Society

This spiritually-oriented society provides assistance for parish families who find themselves in need of support or assistance. The Society depends upon the generous contributions of goods and money from our parish family to carry out its important Christian mission.

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee helps the pastor guide the development of stewardship within the parish. Beginning with formation and continuing to live as good Christian stewards, the Stewardship Committee can intelligently advise the pastor and become credible witnesses to other parishioners. The Stewardship Committee also seeks ways to promote stewardship within the parish through year-round communication and special initiatives and, most importantly, by supporting the annual Stewardship Renewal.


Parishioners stream Masses live on the internet on the weekend and by request for weddings and funerals.


A group of parishioners who offer hospitality to those participating in our Sunday Liturgy as well as taking up the collection.

Young Families Group

The Young Families Group was formed to foster a greater sense of parish community among those families with any children from newborn to five years old. The YFG has helped parents and children alike in forming new and lasting friendships here at St. Cecilia's. Whether it be celebrating Halloween, the Feast of St. Nicholas, or just a Spring Playdate in the Parkside, the YFG has become a center of hospitality and fun for families to bond in the midst of their greater St. Cecilia family.

Young Lady’s Institute (YLI)

An organization for Catholic women for all seasons of your life that promotes the principles of unity, sisterly love and protection. Money raised is donated to a number of bay area charities. Meetings are on the third Tuesday of every month.

Young Men’s Institute (YMI)

The Young Men’s Institute (YMI) has been operating as a fraternal Catholic order supporting its motto of “Pro Deo, Pro Patria” (For God, For Country). Today, over 2200 members (called Brothers) honor this motto by working together on worthwhile programs and activities for our Catholic faith and communities. In addition, the YMI sponsors a variety of fun, social events (e.g., dinners, tournaments, picnics) and offers generous benefits (e.g., scholarships, death benefits) for members and their families.



Pastoral Council Project
at Saint Vincent de Paul


"Lessons and Carols" with our Adult Choir led by Russ Ferreira


League of the Sacred Heart

Legion of Mary


Monsignor Vergara picks the winning ticket at the
Annual Parish Festival


At the Saint Nick Party with the Young Families Group

Members of Our
Young Men's Insitute


Confirmation Leaders and Students during Sunday Confirmation Class


Funeral Ministry


Pastoral Council Project: 
Ocean Beach Clean-Up