Men of St. Cecilia

This organization is for all the men of the parish. The goal is to bring the men together socially and to serve all members of our St. Cecilia parish family. The annual Golf Day and Advent Pancake Breakfast are examples of their dedicated service to the parish.

MOSC Eventbrite Calendar

MOSC is using Eventbrite to organize events:
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MOSC 2014 Annual Letter & Application

Go old school. Print out, fill out, and bring the next meeting to join the fun.
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MOSC Photo Gallery

MOSC photo gallery

Password Hint: the name of the school
sports teams in all lower case.

MOSC 2014 Parish Picnic Flyer

The picnic is Sunday, September 21st at Blackberry farms.
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Become a Lifetime MOSC Member

One of the greatest things about a parish is the community it comprises; the more involved and interactive this community is, the stronger and more cohesive the community is in which our parish youth are growing up. As these youngsters continue to high school, college..., your parish community continues on for you. Continuing the tradition, The Men of St. Cecilia remains vibrant and is a great way for you to stay linked to the community and your friendships here in our parish.

You now have the opportunity to join as a lifetime member. This means that you will only have to pay one membership fee, one time, and we will permanently list you as a member and communicate all updates to you. Of course you will also have lifelong membership discount prices on membership meetings (For the price of $10, you can’t beat the food, beverage and priceless friendships...),and all events sponsored by MOSC.

Won't you please join us, and add to our community? The normal annual membership fee is $40, but you can become a permanent, lifetime member for only $75. We hope you will return the enclosed Lifetime Member Acceptance Form to the rectory, and that we will all continue to see you in our MOSC community. (Note: only available to men who do not have children in the school, and who will not have children in the school in the future)

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