The Office Staff Below

Upper left, Seminarian Armando Gutierrez... smiling, as usual, with both hands to the plow, rather the computer.

Bottom left, Mary Scanlon…surprised while checking the daily double.

Upper Right, Luana Letele… serene, yes, but she has your account number.

Bottom right, Alexandra Kolchak… hiding behind her work. Peek-a-boo!

The Priests Above

Upper left, Rev. Msgr. Michael D. Harriman, at the Occidental Thanksgiving Retreat. (Not shown: The office staff at party in SF.)

Bottom left, Rev. L. Joseph Landi, Please turn on the heat… my gourmet lollipops are freezing.

Upper Right, Rev. Daniel T. Keohane, Smiling because he has a free-dress day.

Bottom right, Rev. Msgr. Maurice McCormick, Looking for the hand crank on this cell.

The Right Staff on the left

Upper Right Lisa Cesari… the power house. Can type and talk with her hands tied behind her back.

Bottom left, Alvin Martin… the Parish Manager, he manages to manage the unmanageable sea. See his computer screen.

Upper Left, Betty McCunniff… CFF and RCIA. all the right way with the young and the bold.

Bottom right, Diane Weinkauf (Right) usually on duty at the Collins' Center. (Shown here in Mary Scanlon's office plotting to take over our web site so Mary can 86 the picture above.)

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